While we spend a large amount of our efforts on research activities, The outcome of those research is what drives the trainings. At this point we offer the following trainings. It should be noted that these trainings will keep having changes in curriculum as our research progresses and new additions are made in the content.

Attack & Defend Android Apps

Android is becoming increasingly present in all aspects of our lives, from phones and televisions to fridges and point of sale devices. As the use of Android continues to grow, so do concerns about security and privacy. This has led to a greater need for security assessments and the secure operation of the Android application ecosystem.

This course aims to provide guidance for application security engineers and penetration testers on how to secure the Android application ecosystem. It does cover various aspects of Android security, including analyzing and assessing the security of Android applications, identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and implementing security controls. The course provides hands-on experience and practical knowledge for professionals to effectively secure Android applications and protect against threats. The ultimate goal is to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure the security and privacy of the Android ecosystem.

Break & Fix
Web Applications

Web applications play a crucial role in the visible web. Organisations must have a web presence to conduct a variety of activities, which were once limited to internal networks or specific setups, but are now more internet-facing. Web applications hold far more control, data and power over an organisation then ever before. This is why we have designed a course that covers both the offensive and defensive aspects of web application security.

The course includes a comprehensive approach to web application security, covering both the offensive and defensive aspects. It includes code-assisted penetration testing, which is a method of testing the security of a web application by analysing the source code. It covers attack and defense techniques, as well as detection methods. Our course takes an exploratory approach, providing attendees with an environment to not only attack but also fix and test the resilience of the fix, giving them a well-rounded understanding of web application security.

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